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Digital Learning FAQs

As we prepare for an off-site digital learning model, we acknowledge that many parents and students may have questions about how this works. Please use this guide to answer these questions. If you have any further questions, email Middle School STEAM Coach Chris Lazartic at

Resources & Links

COVID-19 Updates in 17 Languages
The Rocky Mountain Welcome Center is updating daily its website with news and resources about the COVID-19 in 17 languages. You can find the information here:

Family Resources for Mental Health

Important Links:

  • Student AMP’d Performances from March 13th on the BSE Broadcast team site (link in Canvas).
  • Aspen Academy Coronavirus Updates (prior communications with links about prevention, signs and symptoms, etc.)


Return to Campus: Update 5/12/2020
Kristina Scala

We are all so grateful for your partnership and resolve as we’ve ventured into this unique COVID-19 journey. Your trust, support, and confidence in Aspen Academy to be discerning, prepared, and to always have the health, wellness, and progress of our students at the forefront of our minds as well as hearts.  We recognize the personal, familial, and economic challenges that many are feeling and experiencing. Our community has come together with a level of determination and positive pragmatism that has simply been outstanding individually and as a collective

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Building resilience in times of crisis: How do you want to remember this moment?
Kristina Scala

Certainly, none of us could have ever imagined what life would be like during a global pandemic that has resulted in states of emergency at the national, state and local levels. As business leaders and as humans, many of us are struggling with uncertainty and balancing working from home while also attempting to help our children with their own home learning.

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Mental Health Month: Helpful Reminders & Resources
Jessie Skipwith

May is Mental Health Month and, each year during this time, I get really excited by the variety of new ideas, research and information that is shared across the mental health community. This year, in particular, we are all being given ample opportunity to self-assess our resilience, self-care, grit, and yes - even our limits. 

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Found Object Art -- From Ordinary to Extraordinary
Octavia Betz

Our art students continue learning and expressing their artistry while at home in new and exciting ways. The students went on a live scavenger hunt around their houses to find things the could arrange as practice. Once we were done experimenting, students created two different compositions that incorporated color theory and some form of symmetry.

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