World Peace Games

Student playing world peace games


This course is a hands-on political simulation that gives students the opportunity to explore the connectedness of the global community through the lens of economic, social, and environmental crises and the imminent threat of war. The goal of the game is to extricate countries from dangerous circumstances and achieve global prosperity with the least amount of military intervention. As “nation teams” students will gain greater understanding of the critical impact of information and how it is used. The game is played on a giant and interactive game board and involves deep critical thinking and strategy.


Things students are saying about the World Peace Games class at Aspen:

  • Man, why does our half day have to be on Thursday?! We’ll miss World Peace Games.
  • I like that it feels like real life. You’re trusting us with problems that world leaders deal with.
  • It’s my favorite elective class I have ever had.
Students playing world peace games