Bear's Student Enterprises

What happens when 7th and 8th graders are given a chance to own and operate small businesses on campus? Aspen Academy decided to find out! Middle schoolers learn how to operate, market and finance fully functioning businesses on campus. The opportunities that Aspen Academy provides prepares our graduates for real world expectations.

BSE logo

Bears' Student Enterprises (BSE), which began in 2008, is comprised of business divisions including:

  • Bear’s Cafe 
  • Bear’s Store
  • Bear’s Broadcast and Media Productions
  • Bear’s Executive team: Aspen Academy boasts a team of 13 and 14 year olds that make up the youngest board of directors in the country that oversee the divisions of BSE - our very own C-level executives.

BSE Cafe
The Aspen Academy cafe/coffee cart is proud to share that they only sell Fair Trade coffee and tea products to their customers, provided by two Denver based companies, Coda Coffee and Teatulia tea. The cafe division also sells breakfast options, including burritos and donuts on Friday mornings and are consistently introducing new products. A team of 8-10 students operate, market and finance the cafe division with a teacher mentor as well as a community mentor to guide them to bring the mission and vision of Bear’s Student Enterprises to life.

BSE Store
The Bear’s Store is open every day from 3:15-4:15 or online 24 hours a day, selling Aspen Academy apparel, snacks and drinks. New items arrive in in the store throughout the year, as the team further builds the BSE vision. The store also highlights Aspen entrepreneurs’ products and novels authored by Aspen Academy staff, Teacher created greeting cards, and bow ties. The store division is proud that many of their products are Fair Trade or made in the USA.

BSE Broadcast and Media Productions
The Bear’s Broadcast puts on a live performance every other Friday during our Aspen Morning Program, or AMPd for short. The broadcast is a five minute segment that combines live and filmed segments, completely operated by our 7th and 8th grade broadcast division. Students film, edit and host the production on stage at each AMP. This is a great opportunity to see what members of the Aspen community are up to since each broadcast features community, local and world news stories, along with movie reviews, sports and STEAM segments.

Highlights of Bear’s Student Enterprises:

  • Provide special orders to community members
  • Order and manage inventory
  • Develop and implement marketing strategies
  • Prepare financial statements, including profit and loss statements, cash flow statements and balance sheets
  • Present an annual report to the Board of Trustees
  • Use the Entrepreneurial Operating System Traction model to run efficient and productive meetings
  • Over 40 leadership opportunities within Bear’s Student Enterprises



"BSE has helped me create my gluten free bakery. It has also helped me understand economics that most people going into the real world don't understand."- Katherine Leaffer, Aspen Academy Alumna

“BSE has prepared me for the future and high school beyond what I thought possible. I have learned all about running a business, teamwork, and organizing my time.”- Gwen FitzSimmons, Aspen Academy Alumna