Student Civic Organization

The intent of our Student Civic Organization (SCO) exists to create an edifying experience that inspires continued civic and community leadership. SCO is modeled after the United States Federal Government.

Students participate in a campaign week for eight Executive Cabinet positions held by 6th - 7th graders as well as two Senate positions in each grade level from 3th - 7th. Candidates are elected by their peers and take the Oath of Office in front of our entire community

In alignment with Aspen Academy’s three legged stool, mission and values, student’s take an active role with designated leadership team committees in Academics, Character and Leadership, Community Strength, and Community Service. Parent Civic Leaders (PCO) in their respective roles in their civic committees create an ongoing mentorship with SCO council. This synergy creates an optimal learning experience as the Student in SCO exercise their leadership by active and authentic involvement in the school community as well as the greater community.

The Senate meetings are managed with increasing autonomy as the President of SCO creates an Agenda, and the Executive Secretaries help facilitate the meetings. Senators brainstorm ways to fill needs at Aspen Academy in their respective committees and collaborate in writing bills.

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