Student Mentor Project

Every student at Aspen academy participates in our Student Mentor Project program. Our older students, in grades 4 - 8, are often seen interacting, reading, teaching and sitting alongside their mentees in grades Pre-K - 3. This relationship holds strong through the school year as they attend events together as well as play games and fun activities in relation to our leadership topics.

Benefits of Being a Mentee

  • Gain leadership attributes and understanding of leadership as it relates to professional and personal development.
  • Learn the meaning and application of leadership skills in a variety of environments such as the workplace and public through the eyes and experiences of leaders with diverse backgrounds.
  • Gain access to the experiences of professionals for guidance in time management, communication and networking skills.
  • Develop skills and knowledge to become future mentors.

Benefits of Being a Mentor

  • Gain personal satisfaction from enriching the student’s experience through leadership development.
  • Give back to Aspen Academy and the Aspen Youth Leadership Institute through development of students as leaders for the future by personally and professionally supporting their growth.
  • Enhance coaching, feedback and existing leadership skills.
  • Exposure to new and different thinking styles, knowledge and perspectives.
  • Opportunity to establish or revisit your personal mission, vision and values statements as well as your ten year life plan.


Entrepreneurial Mentor Program

Aspen Academy develops and nurtures young people who will achieve extraordinary success in their lives and who, in turn, will make a significant and productive impact in our society. We know this takes a village, so we ask our village to help.

Our mentor program provides 8th graders with a member of the Aspen community- parents, alumni, and staff members who share a love of learning and an excitement for innovation and entrepreneurship. Mentors provide a transitional link that helps inspire Aspen Academy 8th graders toward an introspective journey over the course of their lives as they set goals for the next 10 years. Mentors then walk part or all of that road with them, serving as a mentor, coach and advocate.

Eighth grade mentors share stories of high school peaks and pitfalls, college selection, as well as the stresses of starting a business – the challenges, the competition, the management of growth, the finances, and the love of entrepreneurship. Our eighth graders benefit from a mentor’s expertise to help guide them through their strategic life decisions and to challenge their assumptions when required.

In addition to providing personal development and life goal setting support, mentors support our 8th graders’ as they start and grow a business. Mentors provide training, networking and other development coaching.

The 8th Grade Mentor Program encourages:

  • A partnership that promotes reciprocal learning.
  • An opportunity for the mentee to enhance his or her skill set, expand their knowledge and exposure to the professional community, and benefit from career and personal guidance.
  • Clearly defined goals, roles, expectations, and time frames.
  • The value of different perspectives and styles.
  • An opportunity for the mentor and mentee to focus together on the mentee's growth and development needs.


Mentors and Mentees


Mentor mentee


Mentors and mentee


Mentor and mentee