Money, Money, Money. As adults, the use and exchange of money is perhaps the one skill that each and every person is required to use every single day. However, schools don’t often teach required courses in personal finance or money management. LiFE (Leadership, Finance, and Entrepreneurship) is committed to creating a skill set in students that promotes smart financial decision making - both for themselves and for our greater economy. Aspen Academy students will begin with the practice of financial literacy, focusing more on the basics of money management and currency. Through their years at Aspen, the students will acquire financial acumen, focusing on outcomes of investments, balance sheets and revenue producing decisions.

LiFE Finance Based Curriculum

By the time a student graduates from Aspen Academy, they will understand the following:

  • Financial Acumen
  • Money Management
  • Earning, Saving, Spending, Investing
  • Responsible Financial Decision Making
  • Systems of Economy

Finance Fridays

Finance Fridays occur at the end of each week during the morning leadership class time and focus exclusively on our financial component of the LiFE curriculum.