How you lead your life matters.

Aspen Academy students are resilient leaders, curious scholars, strategic thinkers, innovative creators, and avid communicators. LiFE (Leadership, Finance and Entrepreneurship) equips Aspen Academy students with the skills, habits, attitudes and knowledge to lead themselves, others, ideas, and organizations well. The program fosters confidence, curiosity, and innovation in our lifelong learners.  LiFE is the integration of our curriculum for Leadership, Financial Acumen, and Entrepreneurship with a robust suite of proprietary programs designed to bring the principles and lessons in the curriculum to life through “real-life” application.

Future Holders

Is Aspen Academy’s curricular solution for what the next generation of human beings need: to be personally and professionally fulfilled and contributing members of society. We have clarified the mindsets, skills, habits, and corresponding content and worked backwards, assuring that every individual has the possibility of knowing their worth and bringing out their own potential. Over time, we see that students develop the regular habit and journey of self-improvement for total self-reliance, while also demonstrating an inclination and capacity to create and care for others. Future Holders exists to ensure that each child is readied and propelled toward future success.

Curriculum Elements:

  • Social Emotional Learning
  • Character & Leadership Development
  • Cultural Competency
  • Financial Acumen
  • Entrerpreneurial Mindset & Execution


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Student Programs

Our Student Programs are where LiFE principles and lessons are activated, practiced, developed, and refined. These experiential programs animate the lessons and include:

  • Bear’s Student Enterprises (BSE)
  • Mentor Program
  • Aspen Morning Program (AMP’d)
  • Student Civic Organization (SCO)
  • Service Learning
  • Student Ambassador
  • 8th Grade Shark Tank

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