We utilize Foundations K-12 program and curriculum pacing allowing students to be in charge of and monitor the progress of their learning. They are able to advance at their own pace, set goals and work as a whole group to learn new content. In K-4th grade, classes are focused on volcabularty development and language structures through Comprehensible Input (CI) teaching strategies. 

For middle school students, there are multiple levels in our sequence of Spanish classes are scaffolded to accommodate the growth and needs of students.

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Aspen Academy student writes learnings about capibara in lesson. 

Karen Leyva

Spanish Instructor, and Student Leadership & Entrepreneurship Coach, Essentials Department Chair

Karen holds a Bachelors Degree in Elementary Education and Spanish from Monmouth College in Illinois. Upon graduation, she moved to Venezuela for two years where she taught English to Spanish-speakers, mentored Venezuelan college students, and steeped herself in Venezuela culture and expression. Karen has taught language (English and Spanish) in multiple schools and programs throughout the world.

Karen has been at Aspen Academy since 2015. She loves the school community's commitment to a growth mindset and perseverance. She believes one of the best ways we edify people is by showing them how much resilience lays within each one of us. It brings her joy to watch students learn how they learn and discover what they are capable of as they develop perseverance, confidence in their identity, and problem-solving skills.

Fabiola Lopez

Spanish Instructor, Student Leadership & Entrepreneurship Coach

Ms. Lopez has a passion for teaching and numbers, not only is Fabiola a Spanish teacher, but also an accountant. She has been working with Kindergarten-6th grade students for 10+ years and teaching K-8 Spanish for 5+ years. Accepting this job at Aspen was exciting since Ms. Lopez noticed there are lots of new ways she can expand her teaching. In her free time I enjoy reading, walking her dog, baking, and spending quality time with family and friends.