Elevate Student Support Services

Each student shows up, learns, and navigates through the world differently.
  Every student is capable of growth.

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ELEVATE provides coaching, intervention, and professional development to support our teachers, parents, and students in achieving their full potential along the academic and social emotional continuum.

We operate on the fundamental belief that through an intentional, student-centered, strength based approach, we can create a paradigm shift in the way we support and empower each and every learner within our community.

Aspen Academy’s ELEVATE program takes a three-tiered approach. By doing so, we honor, cultivate, and celebrate strengths in all learners. Services include:

In our efforts to support students with a variety of learning needs and approaches to learning, it is important for us to be transparent that we are not a school that specializes in special education as it is traditionally known. Our current staffing offers us the ability to serve approximately 25% of all students and admissions decisions may reflect the limited capacity depending on available spaces. 

Aspen Academy is committed to the expansion of services to enrich all learners in our community:

  • Providing Attention Deficit/Hyperactivity screenings
  • Offering Speech, Occupational Therapy, and Hearing screenings
  • Onsite Tutoring Available Student (Additional fee required)
  • Expanded Enrichment services


Jessie Skipwith

Elevate Director, Licensed School Counselor
M.Ed., Counselor Education, University of New Orleans
B.A., Justice, American University

Cindy Hewatt

School Counselor, LMFT
B.S., Psychology, Colorado State University
M.A., Clinical Psychology, LMFT, Chapman University

Gabriella Fratta

Student Support Manager
M.Ed., Colorado State University

Justin Wimbish

Interim Middle School Director
B.S., Management Information Systems, University of Wyoming
Staff Sergeant (E-6), US Army Reserve (2003-2011)
M.S., Education and Human Development

Elevate Blogs

Three Years of Partnership with University of Denver
Cindy Hewatt

For the past two years, the Elevate team has hosted two chosen University of Denver, first year graduate students from the Counseling program to do their practicums at Aspen Academy. This is a competitive practicum site and this year we had over 15 students interested.

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Supporting Mental Health and Suicide Prevention
Jessie Skipwith

September is Suicide Prevention Awareness Month. In raising awareness, building skills for self-care and care for others, and providing resources, Aspen Academy partners with parents and outside organizations to address this national issue of concern as we care for our students and families.

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Beginning of the Year Elevate Message
Jessie Skipwith

Your Elevate team is here to support you and your students in so many ways. The Elevate program consists of three primary areas of service; Social Emotional Health and Wellness, Strategic Academic Success, and Cultural Competency. Through these three areas of personal development, Aspen Academy remains truly intentional in its work to meet individual students where they are on their personal growth journey.

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Support Your Teens in Understanding What They're Going Through
Eric Peterson

This month, guest blogger and faculty member Eric Peterson shared how he and his wife educated themselves to support their teenage son. "As someone who reads quite a bit, my natural response to most things that I don’t understand is to read a book about it!"

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