Elevate Student Support Services

Each student shows up, learns, and navigates through the world differently.
  Every student is capable of growth.

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ELEVATE provides coaching, intervention, and professional development to support our teachers, parents, and students in achieving their full potential along the academic and social emotional continuum.

We operate on the fundamental belief that through an intentional, student-centered, strength based approach, we can create a paradigm shift in the way we support and empower each and every learner within our community.

Aspen Academy’s ELEVATE program takes a three-tiered approach. By doing so, we honor, cultivate, and celebrate strengths in all learners. Services include:

In our efforts to support students with a variety of learning needs and approaches to learning, it is important for us to be transparent that we are not a school that specializes in special education as it is traditionally known. Our current staffing offers us the ability to serve approximately 25% of all students and admissions decisions may reflect the limited capacity depending on available spaces. 


Jessie Skipwith

Elevate Director, Licensed School Counselor
M.Ed., Counselor Education, University of New Orleans
B.A., Justice, American University

Cindy Hewatt

School Counselor, LMFT
B.S., Psychology, Colorado State University
M.A., Clinical Psychology, LMFT, Chapman University

Gabriella Fratta

Student Support Manager
M.Ed., Colorado State University

Jessica Cho

Student Support Manager
B.S., Natural Sciences, Colorado State University
M.A., Educational Psychology, University of Northern Colorado
Ed.S., Educational, School and Counseling Psychology, University of Missouri

Elevate Blogs

A Joyful Reflection on Black History Month 2024
Jessie Skipwith

As we step into the vibrant celebration of Black History Month, it's an opportunity not just to revel in the achievements of the past but also to leverage the increased awareness and skills gained through our ongoing learning across all races, ethnicities, genders, and other aspects of personal identity. This month is a joyous occasion for our school community, to reflect, celebrate, and unite in our shared commitment to increased cultural competency and inclusion.

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Celebrating Cultural Richness: Aspen Academy's Lunar New Year Traditions
Jess Cho and Jessie Skipwith

Aspen Academy thrives on the spirit of partnership and collaboration, where families, students, and faculty come together to create unforgettable experiences. One shining example of this collaborative effort is the remarkable Lunar New Year programming brought to our school by a dedicated parent, Mrs. Jennifer McPhie.

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Holocaust Remembrance Day: Learning from our Past
Jessie Skipwith

Holocaust survivor Sara Moses visited Aspen Academy on Friday, January 19, 2024, to share her remarkable and moving testimony of living through and surviving the Nazi invasion of her home country Poland during World War 2.  Most notably, as students and guest audience participants had the opportunity to ask questions, this interactive presentation was a dynamic experience that identified the end in mind of ensuring that the negative aspects of our history are not only acknowledged, but also actively confronted and understood.

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