Our Innovation Program serves a National model in STEAM Education, it is focused on developing life-long learners and problem solvers, moving students through a continuum of STEAM-based skills that inspire confidence and creativity with technology, coding, robotics, and problem-based learning. 

Aspen Academy's Lower School STEAM Lab is a fun space for hands-on learning. Students work in productive teams to solve problems and innovate! Math and Science grade level content is integrated into STEAM learning and doing. Students create while taking risks in a safe, structured environment that allows them to grow and be prepared for their futures. Some of the incredible opportunities the students participate in are Iditarod sled design, Mars rover engineering, Robotics coding and programming, Invention Presentations to the US Patent and Trademark Office, Digital Citizenship and Cyber Security lessons, and Makey Makey innovation.

Aspen Academy’s Middle school STEAM Lab features 12  stations that teach students in the fields of alternative and renewable energy, circuitry, computer graphics, digital communication, mechanics and structures, robotics and control technology, scientific data and analysis, and software engineering. In addition to explorations in these fields, middle school Innovation students will participate in engineering design challenges throughout the year. These challenges require students to think critically and collaborate in order to solve a real-world problem. Some examples of these include designing and engineering solar ovens, creating 3-D printed models to use in Scientific experiments, and Robots that can be programmed to solve challenges.

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