Drama at Aspen Academy is a progressive experience through the development of self and passion. As your student journeys through our performing arts program, they'll be inspired while discovering their person and passion, whether it be on stage, behind the stage or collaborating with each grade level.

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The theater program at Aspen is dedicated to creating a safe and empowering place for students to hone their craft. Being able to confidently get on stage and express one's emotions is not only helpful in acting, but also in the world of public speaking. Students should leave this program being able to confidently express themselves and have a firm grasp of what being a real world actor is like. In PreK-4th grade we work on conquering stage fright, finding their voice, and taking chances in their performances. In 5th-8th grade the choices span from an intro into professional acting to improv, to the study of Broadway-Musicals or creating their own films. Being able to take these life skills and apply them beyond our theater is what we strive to give our students.