After an extensive teacher-led research process, Aspen Academy has adopted the latest, most innovative and relevant standards in the nation. The Next Generation Science Standards are used from grades K-8, making Aspen Academy one of the only schools in the area to use these cutting-edge standards school-wide.

Our daily schedule was built around how long it would take to conduct a science lab ensuring every student is immersed in the excitement of the scientific method from start to finish.

Our goal is to develop the habit and practice of questioning, sharing and wondering how the world works. Student scientists use engineering ideas to solve real-world problems. Upon entering a classroom during a science investigation, you will see students deeply engaged in the inquiry process and engrossed in lively discussion with their peers as they seek to discover creative pathways to address their challenges.

You will hear students captivated by their conversations related to questions such as, “How can I make a light change direction without moving the source?” or “How can I design a cart that will roll the farthest?” in the Lower School to, “Why does my brain react that way?” in a Middle School neuropsychology unit.

Graduates from our science program are curious learners who are complex thinkers that constantly wonder about why the world works the way it does.

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