PreKindergarten Vision

First and foremost, we are inspirational facilitators of children’s social and emotional growth to create a strong foundation for learning through collaborative partnerships with families and the greater Aspen community to develop the whole child. We value each child’s unique gifts and culture, guiding them to their full potential.

We create a loving, nurturing, happy environment which inspires curiosity and active engagement. Upon entering the classroom, children are engaged in lively, hands-on inquiry-based learning. Children are encouraged to follow their own creative interests through mixed media, dramatic play, and other sensory experiences. Through thoughtful dialog and role-playing, we foster their social and emotional growth. Children extend their learning outside, embracing the natural environment while stimulating their imaginations with laughter and joy.

Pre-K students leave confident in their own abilities as valuable members of their Aspen community, and ready to embark upon the journey toward global citizenship. They have learned to be brave and courageous in taking risks socially and academically to embrace ownership of their learning. They have begun to apply their problem-solving skills, enhancing their leadership capabilities. They have gained a strong foundation of learning readiness to be successful in life.