Students will be able to evaluate the characteristics of entrepreneurs, including the unique behaviors and traits associated with entrepreneurial success. Students will be able to apply principles of economics and global trade to evaluate market forces affecting new business ventures; apply theories of market analysis and consumer research to recognize an entrepreneurial opportunity; and synthesize market and consumer behavior information in order to generate innovative ideas for new business ventures. Students will understand and integrate the concepts, processes and systems needed to determine and satisfy customer needs, wants, and expectations, meet business goals and objectives, and create new product/service ideas. Students will be able to understand and develop processes, strategies and systems to guide the overall business organization.

Differentiating Factors

Shark Tank

8th graders participate in a Shark Tank with community members as judges.

Business Plans

8th graders develop business plans based on a business idea.

Members of the Aspen community mentor 8th grade students in writing their business plans, developing their pitch and starting their business.

Entrepreneurial Fair

Students pitch their ideas to the community and sell their products.

Examples and activities

  • Class businesses in grades K-6