Organizational Leadership


Students will develop the skills needed to work both independently and collaboratively in business, including the daily operations of running a business, marketing a business and preparing financial reports. Students will also be able to identify different career options, necessary education and return on investment.

Differentiating Factor

Bears’ Student Enterprises

In this innovative program, 7th and 8th grade students operate all ancillary businesses on campus including the store, the café, and the broadcast news network. In this venture, the students comprise the youngest known board of directors in the United States. They are coached by successful business men and women in their director and managerial roles. They also have the opportunity to be personally mentored by successful entrepreneurs, business and civic leaders as they establish their personal mission, vision and value statements, complete a personal development plan, and begin their own businesses. Bear’s Student Enterprises is comprised of three different businesses currently:

Bear’s Store

The in-school store and the mobile store stock a variety of spirit and school related merchandise.

Bear’s Café

The café serves food and beverages to the community for events. Fair Trade products are sold as often as possible, including Coda Coffee and Teatulia tea.

Bear’s Media Services produces bi-weekly newscasts, commercials, infomercial, public service announcements and news magazine segments.

Aspen students running the Bear's Cafe

Examples and Activities

  • Students run a business and manage the day to day operations of a business