By the time a student graduates from Aspen Academy, he/she will develop an appreciation for the value of understanding economic terms and principles and sound economic philosophy. Students will understand key economic concepts and be able to use these concepts to be a self-sufficient consumer and producer in society. Students will also gain an understanding of different economic systems used throughout the world. Students’ enhanced financial literacy will help to improve entitlement programs while combating a culture of entitlement.

Differentiating Factor

Aspenomics- A mini economy based on 8th grade business cohorts. The community includes applications for employment, interviews for specific positions, and jobs within each cohort. Students are given paychecks and must budget their pay for bills, including wi-fi and rent as well as the monthly auction.

Aspen Kindergarten student counting pennies

Examples and Activities

  • 8th grade- Delayed Gratification: Marshmallow Study; original study conducted by Walter Mischel and a team of researchers in the late 1960’s-early 1970’s.
  • 4th grade- Inflation: Cans of soda auction