Aspen Entrepreneurial Institute

The Aspen Entrepreneurial Institute has developed the only program in the nation that is a wholly sequenced, year-long curriculum that incorporates economics, personal financial literacy, organizational leadership, and entrepreneurship for Kindergarten - 8th Grade students.

"We have begun our financial literacy classes taught by Nicole Kruse. I will extend the learning in math class as appropriate. Recent topics include DELAYED GRATIFICATION and NEEDS VS. WANTS. We will be kicking off the Stock Market Experience this week." -Aspen Parent

Aspen Entrepreneurial Institute


The Vision of the Aspen Entrepreneurial Institute is to create a ground shift that will cultivate an entrepreneurial mindset for both students and teachers that is embedded into regular instruction in order to create a positive and permanent effect on the nation while developing best habits and practices.


The Mission of the Aspen Entrepreneurial Institute is advance the knowledge of financial literacy through world-class education taught consistently to develop an innovative, entrepreneurial mindset.

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Personal Financial Literacy

Organizational Leadership