Privacy Policy

Digital and mobile phone privacy is taken seriously at Aspen Academy, and the school uses reasonable efforts to respect the privacy of its visitors, parents, teachers, and other community members. We recognize that visitors to this web site and those receiving email and text messages from Aspen Academy may have concerns about providing their personal identifying information and its use. This Privacy Policy addresses those concerns and sets forth “terms of use” for this web site.

Anyone may view this site anonymously as often as they wish without registering or providing any personal identifying information such as names and addresses. Should visitors choose to receive emergency text messages, complete inquiry forms, purchase school merchandise, change their address, or make online gifts, they will be asked to “voluntarily” provide personal identifying information to be used by Aspen Academy for internal purposes. This information will not be shared with third parties unless required by law to do so and, in rare instances, to protect the site and enforce compliance with the School's “terms of use.”

You signify your assent to this Privacy Policy by using this web site and providing information. Also, as a “condition of your use,” you agree that you will not use this web site, emails, or text messages for any purpose that is unlawful or prohibited by this Privacy Policy. You may opt-out via the platform's opt-out at anytime (except for emergency communications) or unsubscribe or by emailing

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