Renweb is Aspen Academy's school database management system.

Click on Parent Web where you'll find the school calendar, announcements, newsletters, and lunch menu. Additionally, teachers maintain a web page through Renweb where you can access class newsletters as well as your student's grades, assignments and assessments. The teacher will be posting their newsletters on Renweb where you can go to view and download them.

To access the Parent Web from the Aspen Academy website, click on the "Parent Portal" at the bottom of each webpage.

First Time Log-In to Access RenWeb

1. Click the link labeled “Create New ParentsWeb Account.” Enter your email address. It must be the email address that you submitted to the school. If you have not done this, please send an email to so that Russett can enter your email address into the system.

2. Once your email address is entered, click "New Parent Login." A password will be sent to your email address. You can then go back to the tab labeled “Parent” and enter your email address and your password. This page will list announcements and calendars.

Access to Class Page

1. Click "classrooms" in the upper left hand corner. Only the classroom in which you have enrolled children will appear. Your child's gradebook summary, homework summary and lesson plan summary will appear at the top of the page.

2. Click the "Teacher's Web Page" next to "Homeroom" to go to the CLASS Calendar and Announcements.

Attention Mac Users:

If you have a Mac, Renweb does not support Safari. To view the NEW Parent Web on-line, you will need to download Mozilla Firefox (free) to your computer and use that as your browser instead of Safari.

Please contact with questions!