Finance and Entrepreneurship

Money, Money, Money. As adults, the use and exchange of money is perhaps the one skill that each and every person is required to use every single day. However, schools don’t often teach required courses in personal finance or money management. Future Holders (formerly Aspen Entrepreneurial Institute) is committed to creating a skill set in students that promotes smart financial decision making - both for themselves and for our greater economy. In addition, we empower our students to recognize that their thoughts are things - and that their creativity and imagination can become real and transformative contributions to our world. The wholly sequenced, year-long curriculum incorporates economics, personal finance, organizational leadership and entrepreneurship, preparing students to be confident and equipped creators and collaborators.

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By the time a student graduates from Aspen Academy, they will understand the following:

Financial Acumen
  • Money Management
  • Earning, Saving, Spending, Investing
  • Responsible Financial Decision Making
  • Systems of Economy

Entrepreneurial Mindset & Execution

  • Critical & Creative Thinking
  • Identify Opportunities
  • Thoughts are Things
  • Perseverance & Work Ethic


Jennifer Gravlee

Director of Middle School & Programs

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We're available to provide engaging and actionable tips for parents from workplace lunch and learns and Mom's groups, to community groups and more! Sample topics include:

Need vs. Want: The Basis of Financial Acumen for 5-Year-Olds
One early fundamental of personal financial includes learning the difference between need and want. It’s an age-appropriate concept for early learners and this talk includes simple ways to support your child with understanding and bringing to life personal finance!

Systems of Mini-Economy: Home Systems that teach Money Management to Kids
Learn exciting ways to engage your child in sound money management practices—at any age.

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