8th Grade Virtual Market Place

We are thrilled to host a virtual Market Place for our 8th grader's businesses! Take a moment and check out the following businesses. Each 8th grader will create a business and move on to complete in Aspen Academy's own Shark Tank experience. We appreciate your interest and support for our 8th grade entrepreneurs! 

Charlie Fisher: Duo Wipe

The main product that is sold by Duo Wipe is the dual wipe for skiing and snowboarding. This product will provide a simple, easy and convenient way to allow skiers/snowboarders to wipe their nose when kleenex isn’t available, as well as keep their goggles clean and defogged....all in one non-cross-contaminating product!

Emma Schaff: Signal

Signal allows people to make an extra $60-$120 each month. It works by plugging a hotspot in near a window, and then putting it on your wifi. Once the hotspot is plugged in it collects data from small data devices such as street lights, but not devices like cell phones. Once the data is collected it is sold to companies such as AT&T, that use data.

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Jack Mohler: Candy CO

Candy CO’s main products are candy bags and custom candy bags. The company’s website will function as its primary marketing and ordering tool. Candy CO plans to satisfy kids and their families that want high-quality candy for any special event. In addition to the quality of the candy, Candy CO will stand apart from other candy stores through exceptional customer service. The tailored candy bags will be the obvious first choice for any candy fanatic that knows what they want and will settle for nothing but the best.

Jack is currently building his website and is accepting cash, Venmo, and Pay-pal for purchases. Stay tuned for more!


Sydney Coughlin: 5280 Photos

5280 Photos focuses on providing our customers with a unique view of nature. We create magnets to showcase the quiet strength and beauty of the Colorado landscape. Through our magnets, we offer our customers a chance to see the large and small wonders Colorado has to offer. We have 6 different magnet options (as of now) for our customers to choose from.

View 5280 Photos Website

Delaney McCallum: GNOMES

GNOMES are handcrafted light-hearted whimsical creatures inspired by puns. From celebrities to sports players to pop culture references, GNOMES are adorable, clever, and sure to make you smile! Everyone has a favorite celebrity, so GNOMES are for everyone, the target market is unlimited. You have GNOME idea how much you are going to love them!


Morgan Connor: Cause Socks

Cause Socks is a non-profit business that helps to raise awareness for serious causes. We sell colorful tie-dyed socks to spread awareness through fashion and color. Each pair of our socks are hand dyed and packaged with care for our customers. 100% of all our profits are donated to the American Heart Association to help those with serious heart conditions.

Hogan Phelps: ForeBox

Golfers are walking around aimlessly trying to find new gear and accessories they want. The solution is ForeBox. ForeBox is a monthly subscription to a golf box. ForeBox’s customers will be sent a golf box each month. The box will come with 5-10 golf-related items inside. Each month the box will be different. The contents may include Golf balls, Training Aids, Tees, Golf Shirts, and Gloves.


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