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Leadership & Entrepreneurship

How you lead your life matters.

Aspen Academy students are resilient leaders, curious scholars, strategic thinkers, innovative creators, and avid communicators. 

Aspen Entrepreneurial Institute and Aspen Youth Leadership Institute are two of the programs that equip Aspen Academy students with the skills, habits, attitudes and knowledge to lead themselves, others, ideas, and organizations well. These programs foster confidence, curiosity, and innovation in our lifelong learners: 

Aspen Entrepreneurial Institute (AEI) - is the first of its kind of that develops personal financial literacy, business financial literacy, and entrepreneurship in students Pre-Kindergarten through 8th Grade. 

Money, Money, Money. As adults, the use and exchange of money is perhaps the one skill that each and every person is required to use every single day. But schools don’t often teach required courses in personal finance or money management. The Aspen Entrepreneurial Institute is committed to creating a skill set in students that promotes smart financial decisions for themselves and for our economy. In addition, we empower our students to recognize that their thoughts are things - and that their creativity and imagination can become real and transformative contributions to our world.


Curriculum: Snapshot:

  • 648 total lessons
  • 72 lessons per grade (K-8)
  • Aligned to National Standards for K-12 for Personal Financial Literacy

Aspen Academy is launching this program for other educational organizations. Click here to email us for more information.

Aspen Youth Leadership Institute (AYLI)

Every single person must, at the very least, learn how to lead themselves. Our aim is to center our instruction for both children and adults alike, growing self sufficiency, self management, self discipline, and self efficacy. Upon achievement of a higher sense of self mastery, we can then focus outward, contributing our leadership in a way that creates capacity for others. Rooted in universal principles dating back to the earliest of thinkers, the Aspen Youth Leadership Institute content proves relevant to participants of every age and walk of life. Providing a comprehensive and sequenced daily curriculum, AYLI embodies an innovative vision that challenges the constraints of traditional education, preparing students to change the world.

Curriculum Snapshot:

  • 1,296 total lessons
  • 144 lessons per grade (K-8)
  • Aligned to standards of K-12 Standards of Social Emotional Learning, K-12 Service Learning Standards for Quality Practice, and State Standards for Civic Instruction in Schools.

Aspen Academy is launching this program for other educational organizations. Click here to email us for more information.

Integrated Leadership Programs

Bear's Student Enterprises (BSE)

What if your child could own the title of CEO at the age of twelve? When students are given the opportunity to have full ownership and full accountability of something, they start to move a different way in the world. They quickly learn that no one is coming; every success and every failure is entirely up to them. The experience is one that teases out passions, exposes challenges, and sharpens strengths - and the results are remarkable. At Aspen Academy, students run a cafe, store, media division, and vending services as part of our entrepreneurial program. The program is real world learning at its finest, as students learn all aspects of running a business, finance, marketing, operations, human resources, product selection, customer service, alongside critical life skills like collaboration, communication, and critical thinking. 

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Student Civic Organization (SCO)

Student Civic Organization: Promotes skills in civic leadership, engaging students to make changes in our community towards the common good. The organization strives to impact and influence communities, both great and small, by thinking critically, solving problems, and identifying solutions under the framework of an effective democratic structure.

Student Mentor Project

An intentional relationship building program for authentic leadership. Students in grades 4th-8th are paired thoughtfully with students in grades PK-3rd to teach, model, and practice leadership skills in a guided mentorship setting.

Service Learning

Through intentional community partnerships and the identification of a community need; service learning is the application of academic standards in the context of community service. Scaffolded lessons in planning, collaboration, decision making, and recognition of diversity in our community, students learn that there is the “common good”, that service matters, and each person can and should make a difference.

Aspen Morning Program (AMP'd)

Celebrating the unique talents and gifts of our students, AMP’d is an entirely student written, produced, and performed variety show showcasing academic and leadership content in a performance based setting. The result is both celebratory and moving, a culmination of the classroom extended on stage.

From Business Plan to Reality
From Business Plan to Reality

8th grader Emily R. created a business plan for a line of spice blends in her Leadership Class that has now become a reality. Rudspice is now being sold at Savory Spice! Read full article on Westword

Bear's Student Enterprises

Eighth grade students smile while on a field trip learning about Coda Coffee, the company Aspen Academy utilizes in the Bear's Cafe to serve coffee to Aspen parents, students, and staff.

In this capstone course, students have the opportunity to create, manage, and grow multiple businesses. Current businesses include: Bear's Store, Bear's Cafe, Bear's Broadcasting Network, and Bear's Vending Services. In doing so, they also comprise the youngest known board of directors in the United States. Students gain extraordinary real world, 21st century skills.

Middle School Leadership Retreat

Middle school students smile while on their middle school retreat!

During the first week of the school year, our middle school students attend a leadership retreat in the beautiful Rocky Mountains during which they are encouraged to increase their self awareness in a safe and nurturing environment.

Student Civic Organization
Head of School Kristina Scala, Health and Safety Manager Amanda Herrera, and Instructional Coach Scott McFarland smile with student members of the Student Civic Organization after a successful cookie eating contest on Pajama Day.The structure of our Student Government (Student Civic Organization) exists to create an edifying experience that inspires greater aspirations for continued and real civic and community leadership.

We have developed a civic leadership model that uses our federal structure of a three branch model that includes all community stakeholders.

Student Ambassador Program

Students in our Student Ambassador Program smile.

Our student ambassadors host prospective students throughout the school year. In addition, they represent our school during admissions events.

Mentor Mentee Program

A mentee student smiles with his older mentor.

Our Pre-Kindergarten - 3rd grade students are paired with older students (4th - 8th grade students) who act as mentors, leaders, big brother or sister to their mentees.