Aspen Academy Grand Fund

The Grand Fund Provides...

Today’s learners face a rapidly changing future that demands far different skills and knowledge than we needed in the 20th century. As we continually invest to provide next generation education, we are committed to critical research, development and implementation in all academic domains and for all students. Generating and sustaining an environment in which relevant, cutting-edge learning that is preparing our students to have the real-life, skills and habits they need to succeed in their future is made possible by your generous investments.

“Better than a thousand days of diligent study is one day with a great teacher.”
- Japanese Proverb

“As a retiree, I look at my daughter, and for as much as we as parents have input, I glory in her shadow as my child and what I see in her role as parent and partner with husband. I’m really impressed and thankful that my grandchildren have the opportunity Aspen Academy presents.” - Aspen Academy Grandparent of 5th grade students


“Thanks for all you do to create such an amazing learning environment!” - Anza Goodbar, Grandparent of 2nd grade student