Graduate Gift

Each year Aspen Academy’s graduating class selects a Graduate Gift that embodies Aspen Academy’s values, supports Aspen Academy’s mission and transforms the Aspen Academy experience for years to come.

Our eighth graders discuss the purpose and meaning of philanthropy as they determine the impact they would like to create. This student-driven initiative is made possible by the generosity of our eighth grade families.

Past Graduate Gifts include:

  • Class of 2020: Tower Playground
  • Class of 2019: Traverse Climbing Wall
  • Class of 2018: Bear’s Student Enterprises Broadcast Division Equipment and Program Upgrades
  • Class of 2017: Bear’s Student Enterprises Mobile Coffee Cart, Cafe and Store Renovation
  • Class of 2016: Legacy Hall and the Professional Development Center Renovations
  • Class of 2015: STEAM Lab Computer Lab
  • Class of 2014: Bear’s Student Enterprises Outdoor Cafe Renovation
  • Class of 2013: Middle School Mac Lab
  • Class of 2012: Entrepreneurial and Leadership Endowment
  • Class of 2011: Two Middle School Science Labs
  • Class of 2010: Bear’s Student Enterprises Store Display Units

For more information please contact or 303-346-3500, x114.