Graduate Gift

Each year Aspen Academy’s graduating class selects a Graduate Gift that embodies Aspen Academy’s values, and supports Aspen Academy’s mission, while transforming the Aspen Academy experience for years to come.

The 8th Grade Class of 2024 and their families partnered with our Head of School to contribute a redesigned, relocated and stocked Bear Student Enterprise store as well as a student designated meeting room. This is in addition to a fully renovated cafe and coffee service. When complete, the project cost will be around $42,000 ($780 per 8th grade student). With the students' help in planning, painting and moving, the project began last spring and is being completed over the summer.

The Class of 2025 will begin their journey in January to select, design and fund their graduate gift of choice.

Past Graduate Gifts include:

  • Class of 2024: New Bear’s Student Enterprises Store, Cafe & Meeting Room
  • Class of 2023: New Sports Jerseys
  • Class of 2022: Gym Flooring
  • Class of 2021: Tower Playground
  • Class of 2020: Traverse Climbing Wall
  • Class of 2019: Cafeteria
  • Class of 2018: Bear’s Student Enterprises Broadcast Division Equipment and Program Upgrades
  • Class of 2017: Bear’s Student Enterprises Mobile Coffee Cart, Cafe and Store Renovation
  • Class of 2016: Auditorium
  • Class of 2015: Outdoor Gardens
  • Class of 2014: Bear’s Student Enterprises Outdoor Cafe Renovation
  • Class of 2013: Sports Courts
  • Class of 2012: Professional Development for Teachers
  • Class of 2011: Bear's Investment Fund
  • Class of 2010: Middle School Science Tables
  • Class of 2009: Fitness Room Flooring
  • Class of 2008: Bear's Store (25 sq. ft. closet)

For more information please contact or 303-346-3500, x114.

8th Grade Aspen Academy students signing wood floor planks.