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...for your family, and
...for making the world better.

Most independent schools close their tuition gap by dipping into endowments or by fundraising (their school tuition doesn’t even cover every day operations).
Aspen Academy is DIFFERENT.

To continue our commitment to robust educational programs that create a thriving and challenging environment for your students, we need your partnership. Our Annual Fund supports three programs which are the foundation of our commitment to your family:

  • Teachers' Professional Support & Development: We attract, recruit and retain the nation’s finest and most expert teachers. To develop and maintain this level of teaching mastery we are committed to providing the tools and resources for continual growth and improvement in all areas of instructional expertise.  
  • Learning: Curriculum & Program Advancement: Today’s learners face a rapidly changing future that demands far different skills and knowledge than we needed in the 20th century. We are committed to continually provide relevant, cutting-edge learning that is preparing your students for success.
  • Students & Community: Tuition Support: At Aspen Academy, we are committed to full and diverse enrollment and providing an education of consequence to all of our students. To this end, the annual fund provides Tuition Support to select, mission-fit families. Through this program we build an intentional community with an important focus on inclusion and diversity.

In order to continue these three programs we need to raise a total of $542,607 (an average donation of $1,282 per student).

Where will your donation dollars create the highest impact for your child, for education and for the future? Aspen Academy’s program strength is dependent upon your gifts. Our goal is to reach 100% participation from parents and families!

When you visit our giving page, you will see the drop down menu for you to choose whatever amount you are able and would like to give. We are grateful for all donations.

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