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Coronavirus Updates


The Rocky Mountain Welcome Center is updating daily its website with news and resources about the COVID-19 in 17 languages. You can find the information here:

Frequently Asked Questions: COVID-19

We’ve received several questions from parents regarding COVID-19 that we’re sharing here along with responses in order to help you make the best decisions for your family and the school community.

Much of this content has been shared in direct communications from our Head of School to families and faculty, including the following:

- 2/26: Health Awareness Update
- 3/2:  Spring Break Schedule Change & Resilience Planning
- 3/5: Update on Health & Prevention
- 3/8: Update on Health Awareness & Spring Break Travel

In order to protect the health of our school community members and in an attempt to limit the spread of the virus, henceforth, if any of the following are true,

  • A member of a student’s household has had close contact to an individual who has tested presumptive positive for COVID-19 and/or;
  • A member of the student’s household is experiencing COVID-19 symptoms and has not yet been tested, is awaiting testing, is in self isolation while healing and recovering and/or;
  • The student is infected with the COVID-19.

then, immediately notify your child’s academic director,, or me at directly.

The student will be dismissed from classes and required to be kept at home for the CDC recommended standard 14 day quarantine. (Note: This quarantine may be extended until 14 days after the infected household member’s symptoms cease, because infection can be spread during that time.)  Aspen Academy may make a determination, in its sole discretion, whether the student should come to school, be required to leave school, and/or when the student may return to school.

We ask everyone’s understanding that in the case of COVID-19, all schools are being instructed to be abundantly cautious in order to contain the spread of the virus.

Aspen Academy will comply with all applicable requirements of law relating to notification.

For clarity, here are the symptoms of COVID-19 vs. the common cold or seasonal flu.

Symptoms for COVID-


Here are some additional Frequently Asked Questions and answers to support our community.

health Awareness & Prevention Blogs

Return to Campus: Update 5/12/2020
Kristina Scala

We are all so grateful for your partnership and resolve as we’ve ventured into this unique COVID-19 journey. Your trust, support, and confidence in Aspen Academy to be discerning, prepared, and to always have the health, wellness, and progress of our students at the forefront of our minds as well as hearts.  We recognize the personal, familial, and economic challenges that many are feeling and experiencing. Our community has come together with a level of determination and positive pragmatism that has simply been outstanding individually and as a collective

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Building resilience in times of crisis: How do you want to remember this moment?
Kristina Scala

Certainly, none of us could have ever imagined what life would be like during a global pandemic that has resulted in states of emergency at the national, state and local levels. As business leaders and as humans, many of us are struggling with uncertainty and balancing working from home while also attempting to help our children with their own home learning.

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Mental Health Month: Helpful Reminders & Resources
Jessie Skipwith

May is Mental Health Month and, each year during this time, I get really excited by the variety of new ideas, research and information that is shared across the mental health community. This year, in particular, we are all being given ample opportunity to self-assess our resilience, self-care, grit, and yes - even our limits. 

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Found Object Art -- From Ordinary to Extraordinary
Octavia Betz

Our art students continue learning and expressing their artistry while at home in new and exciting ways. The students went on a live scavenger hunt around their houses to find things the could arrange as practice. Once we were done experimenting, students created two different compositions that incorporated color theory and some form of symmetry.

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Make the World Better: A Community Comes Together Through Service Learning
Jennifer Gravlee

In February, walking through the halls of Aspen Academy, you would have seen giant cardboard boxes decorated outside classrooms, overflowing with items identified for our annual community service project. This year’s partner, Packs of Hope, provides backpacks filled with essential clothing items to children and youth who are transitioning into out-of-home or foster care. The organization serves 8 counties in 10 locations, delivering more than 300 packs a month to children ages newborn to 18 years-old.

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Tips for Keeping Students Focused While Learning At Home
Jessie Skipwith

As we move into our sixth week of virtual learning with Aspen Academy students, one theme has been shared by numerous parents: How do I keep my student focused and engaged during online learning? The tips below are the top recommendations based on my over 20 years as an educator, administrator and counselor, supporting student success for students with various needs and they remain true for learning in classrooms, as well as learning at home.

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Celebrating Challenge, Community and Compassion
Jessie Skipwith

Every week I have the wonderful opportunity of working with my Impact class in our new Zoom platform. Impact is our Middle School class that guides students through a process of self-discovery, healthy risk-taking and learning to embrace an openness to growth in all areas of their lives.  Three days a week I come together with a wonderful group of students who share their challenges, their at-home learning experiences, and so many of the critically thought out, creative solutions that they are coming up with to overcome many of these new obstacles.

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STEAM Education in a Virtual Learning Environment
Chris Lazartic

A month ago, many of us transitioned to a virtual school or work model. This may have brought significant changes to our lives, both professionally and personally. My life as an educator changed, but I was able to adapt to continue to offer quality learning experiences to my students. As the Middle School STEAM Coach at Aspen Academy, one of my roles is to teach an Innovation class to students in grades 5 - 8. Below are some tips that you can use, either as a parent or educator, to continue to inspire science, technology, engineering, art and math skills while learning outside of the traditional school building -- as well as a challenge!

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