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When your child is enrolled at Aspen Academy, you are guaranteed to be a part of one of the most dynamic and diverse learning and leadership communities in the country.

Excellence in Academic Growth and Performance

Aspen Academy students flourish academically as a result of our small class sizes, extraordinary and enthusiastic faculty, world class curriculum, technology and arts integration. Here, your child’s curiosity and joy of discovery will be cultivated along with a love of learning in school and in life. Through our unique Personalized Instruction Profile process, your child will develop a profound ownership of their personal journey and will be inspired by deep partnerships with national model educators. At the end of the 8th grade year, your graduate will join a cadre of distinguished and accomplished alumni who have benefitted from this innovative educational environment as they move through high school, college and beyond.



Character, Leadership and Entrepreneurial Development

At Aspen Academy, your child will have a unique opportunity to grow their personal leadership and entrepreneurial mindset as they are concurrently enrolled in the Aspen Youth Leadership Institute and the Aspen Entrepreneurial Institute.

The Aspen Youth Leadership Institute (AYLI) is the first of its kind, and the only Pre-K through 8th grade school-based program in the nation that is explicitly devoted to the development of emotional and social intelligence as well as community and civic leadership.

The Aspen Entrepreneurial Institute (AEI) also the first program of its kind in the world, will provide your child the opportunity to discover and cultivate their gifts, strengths, passion and work ethic to continually develop their ideas into action and develop the muscle of their potential impact on their world.

Community Strength and Service

There is a palpable sense of coming home when you walk these halls.

“The warm community of families, children and staff is truly the root system that ignites and inspires those entering the spaces in Aspen Academy. The root system of this intentional community is intricately woven through our diverse experiences, values and talents. The fibers of this community bring people together in support of each other, our personal and professional goals, our values and our hopes for our children.” - Erin Chain, Parent

Aspen Academy is a supportive community with a strong and unifying identity. Real relationships, real work, and real world experiences. Since our founding in 2005, Aspen Academy has been fortunate to attract a committed group of parents and teachers who value and celebrate our shared mission and values. Our parents and staff are wholly committed to one another, and to the development of all of our children.


Why Aspen Academy is the Best School

by: Coby S. (3rd Grader)

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