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Writing and Public Speaking

Aspen Academy Middle School students produce writing that is mindful and adept in personal, academic, and professional settings. Our students learn about a variety of communication genres including:

  • critique, descriptive, expository, opinion, personal, persuasive, poetry, figurative language, problem solving writing and presentations
  • short story/play and presentations
  • historical, political and science biographies, presentations and research reports.
  • MLA standard research reports
  • news articles and submissions to professional periodicals
  • timed response to open-ended questions (in preparation for standardized testing)
  • digital communication.

7th Graders present on their short stories during Language Arts class at Aspen Academy.
We are committed to develop writers who:

  • write for a variety of purposes and across all content areas
  • understand the writing process from planning to publishing
  • accurately edit and assess writing
  • have a clear voice, are understandable and convincing in their writing, and can impact the reader on an emotional level
  • write with efficiency of purpose
  • are comfortable as dynamic presenters and speakers