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Our Fifth through Eighth grade students read a variety of literature providing them with the opportunity to seek out and appreciate the voice of others, while mastering their own. Students read for research, in-depth analysis, instruction, inspiration, and pleasure.

Students at Aspen Academy trend toward advanced reading and comprehension.

Our exceptional readers:

  • understand how to synthesize and analyze sources for meaning and persuasion
  • read to benefit from the insight of others and to explore other cultures and beliefs.
  • identify, discuss and rectify the ambiguity of meaning and the cognitive dissonance it creates
  • have intelligent dialogue regarding the text
  • can identify bias
  • recognize language devices and their power to invoke emotion and action
  • explore ethical complexities; to see the admirable in everyday life
  • read to build vocabulary and further develop mastery of language.
  • use reading as a fundamental tool to pursue their personal passions and interests.