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Middle School

Middle School Years

Aspen Academy’s Middle School Program prepares students for the most demanding secondary schools, both public and private while inspiring students to strive to reach their full potential.

Aspen Academy's rigorous and imaginative Middle School curriculum culminates in a nationally-recognized and ground-breaking experience for our 8th graders in Entrepreneurial Leadership.

STEAM Lab Kite Project

5th and 6th Grade Studio Art Class have been collaborating with Science Teacher Ms. Cho and STEAM Coach Mr. Lazartic. In Ms. Cho's class students have been studying the physical mechanics of flight, focusing on how a kite flights. In the Art Studio students examined military code systems, such as morse code and navy signal flags, to create a message they wished to communicate that also included symmetry. Finally, Mr. Lazartic instructs them to use the STEAM Lab's 3D printer to create small figures which will be flown with the kite.

Middle school students work on an assignment in math class.Class schedules support optimal learning.

Block schedule with 80 minute core classes increases depth, breadth, and pace of subject study.

Lengthened class periods allow for a more integrated language arts program, the addition of financial literacy as a contextual learning extension in mathematics and the blocking of science and social studies which provides more frequent science labs and history simulations.

A student works on a mac computer in class.

At Aspen, we believe technology should be seamlessly woven into the learning process. To that end, we have built a STEAM (science, technology, engineering, art, and math) Lab to support and facilitate project-based and collaborative learning as well as interdisciplinary projects.

Middle school students perform an experiment in science class

Encourages educators to create learning opportunities to apply knowledge in real world and hands on experiences.

Middle School News

What's The Buzz on the Geo Bee?
What's The Buzz on the Geo Bee?

Congratulations to Anderson T. for taking 1st Place in the 2017 Geography Bee held at Aspen Academy and Trevor M. who came in a close 2nd! Best of luck to Anderson as he represents our school at the state finals held in April 2018. We are all so proud of our Geo bee finalists!

Shark Tank Finalists
Shark Tank Finalists

Since January, the 8th graders have developed a business idea, written business plans, created and sold products and pitched their ideas to a group of judges. After months of preparation they entered the Aspen Academy Shark Tank as their Capstone project. Here, they presented their business ideas and competed for first place to win seed money for their venture.

1st place: Emily R. (RudSpice)

2nd place: Holly S. (Beads for Dad)

3rd place: Parker D. (Tuber)

Brady M. (The Basketball Mustache) and Grace Y. (Ballet Barre) also made it to the finals

From Business Plan to Reality
From Business Plan to Reality

8th grader Emily R. created a business plan for a line of spice blends in her Leadership Class that has now become a reality. Rudspice is now being sold at Savory Spice! Read full article on Westword

5th Grade Civil War Battle
5th Grade Civil War Battle

General Claire M. takes on General August H. in the 3rd Annual Aspen Academy 5th grade Civil War battle!

Middle School and the Stock Market
Middle School and the Stock Market

Tuesday, March 15th
Aspen parent, Peter Lengsfeld, talked to our 5th and 6th grade students about the stock market as they get ready to begin their six-week stock market experience. Click here to read more.