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Can you imagine a space where kids are coding as young as four years old? A place where they take an ordinary picture they’ve drawn and use technology to make their picture come alive and talk? A space where they have to work as an engineering team to design a new invention? A place where students are taking their 2-D drawings and making them come to life through a 3-D model? You don’t have to imagine any of it as this type of space is a reality for all Aspen Academy students from Pre-K through 8th grade.

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Learning from a Cardboard Arcade
Chris Lazartic

Almost a decade ago, a young, creative mind was made famous on the internet by a brief film documentary. Caine’s arcade, which debuted in 2012, showcased a boy’s cardboard arcade that he made in his father’s automotive shop. The movement grew after the documentary took off, and it inspired the creation of a non-profit called, “Global Cardboard Challenge” and “A Day of Play.” Here at Aspen Academy, we were also inspired by this movement and decided to join in on the fun! Here is what I have learned from our “cardboard experiences” the past few years

A Complete Guide to STEAM Supplies for Parents and Teachers: Tools to Use to Help Learners Become Innovators
Chris Lazartic

As the holidays approach, we may consider purchasing toys, technology, kits or other fun gadgets for the children in our life. As teachers, we may look to spice up our learning environment after the first three months of school. Some of these items may facilitate learning on a higher level, while others may serve more entertainment purposes. This article explores more on engineering kits, maker space resources, hardware and software, grading each on an "Innovation Scale."

Integrating STEAM in the Classroom
Chris Lazartic

One of the ways we're transforming education at Aspen Academy is how we integrate STEAM into daily lessons for students, and consistently seek out new ways to integrate innovation into our classes. Here are some of the ways we're currently exploring new technologies with students.

Coding: The Language of the 21st Century
Aspen Academy Contributors

With technology rapidly on the rise, artificial intelligence surfacing in business applications and big data creating a foundation in all our lives, coding is becoming the language of the 21st Century. Learn how students -- and parents -- at Aspen Academy are raising the bar...