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Can you imagine a space where kids are coding as young as four years old? A place where they take an ordinary picture they’ve drawn and use technology to make their picture come alive and talk? A space where they have to work as an engineering team to design a new invention? A place where students are taking their 2-D drawings and making them come to life through a 3-D model? You don’t have to imagine any of it as this type of space is a reality for all Aspen Academy students from Pre-K through 8th grade.

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Exploring the Winter Olympics with STEAM
Kelly Thatcher

For the past few weeks, Olympians from around the world have been showcasing their talent, courage, and grit at the 2022 Winter Olympics in Beijing, China. They’ve captured the attention of so many and given us some wintertime entertainment. At Aspen Academy, the entertainment has turned into a learning opportunity for our STEAM Classes led by our new instructor, Mrs.Thatcher.

8th Grade students prepping elements of a Rube Goldberg machine for their STEAM project.
Aspen Academy Collaborators

As students wrapped up the culmination of their learning for the 2020-2021 school year, 8th grade students showcased the marvel of their STEAM education with sophisticated Rube Goldberg machines, inspired by our STEAM instructor, Katie Behrmann! Check out their videos below.

Students Create Light Shows in STEAM
Katie Behrmann

Seventh grade students recently combined both circuitry and computer programming to create light shows along with their favorite songs. Using code, software, and circuit boards, students programmed a series of LED lights to light up at different intervals while engineering a physical installation with light-altering materials. Check out their work in this blog.

STEAM Education Q&A With Katie Behrmann & Chris Lazartic
Katie Behrmann & Chris Lazartic

With education rapidly-shifting, what are trends in STEAM that our educators are monitoring and anticipating for STEAM/STEM education in the coming years? Learn more from this Q&A with Katie Behrmann and Chris Lazartic.