Middle School Social Studies

5th Grade

5th grade students begin the first year of a two-year United States history program where they look at the beginning of our country until the 20th century.

6th Grade

6th grade students continue their study of the United States and focus on the 20th and 21st centuries. Students will develop more than a simple understanding of US history; they will learn how the United States has become a world power and how it functions in the greater global economy.

7th Grade

7th grade Global Studies I is a combination of modern world issues and world history. Students learn about the history of the world and how it continues to impact us today. From cave people to the development of the first great societies, students learn about how ancient people connect to water scarcity, globalization and cultures, all while thinking like an economist, a political scientist and a geographer.

8th Grade

8th grade Global Studies II advances with the beginning of Western civilization to continue to examine how history relates to our modern world. Teachers focus on tying the social sciences to the other disciplines such as language arts, math, science and innovation. Students look at the development of the modern world, including the philosophies, conflicts and rights that have defined the 20th and 21st centuries.