Social Studies

The world is changing faster than we realize, and preparing our students for a world that is global, dynamic and complex will not look the way it used to. Our Social Studies program doesn’t just teach history; we pride ourselves on an approach of learning about the world through history, geography, economics and civics. We focus on studying our world not just in a textbook and the classroom, but in context so that our students can go out into the world to apply the lessons, critical thinking and passion to the greater society.

Our program begins with students focusing on themselves in the world (K) and slowly expands outwards exploring School and Family (1), Community (2), Community and Beyond (3), US Regions and Colorado (4), US History (5 and 6), and culminating with World History and Global Issues (7 and 8).

Using project-based Learning as our guide and collaborating with language arts, math, science and innovation, our students are able to transfer this knowledge to other classes and to other skills.

Our social studies program is connected to current events so our students focus on forming habits that encourage thoughtful and holistic curiosity in understanding facts to evaluate worldviews and to develop their own. Step into any class and you can see the passion and intellect our students have about the world around them.

By the end of our social studies curriculum, Aspen Academy graduates are not only prepared with the knowledge and skills for high school and the world as a whole, but are able and willing to take a lead in their lives and their community and make a positive impact on it.