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Step into a PreK classroom at Aspen and you’ll be greeted by a host of cheerful students being playful while being challenged. These thriving leaders of the future are learning to be kind, do good, work hard, and make the world better each day. While they make it look easy, our faculty is bringing precise, personalized care to each student’ journey with a mix of play and conscientious curriculum. These students are experiencing an education of consequence and falling in love with learning and living.

We are committed to equipping students with the skills, habits, attitudes and content needed to successfully develop and navigate an extraordinary and purposeful life. In PreK, we begin with social and emotional education fundamentals to support thriving lives for our students. Our program intentionally and consistently cultivates:

  • Curiosity and Imagination
  • Critical Thinking and Problem-Solving
  • Collaboration Across Networks
  • Agility and Adaptability
  • Initiative
  • Effective Communication
  • Accessing and Analyzing Information



Welcome to Aspen Academy’s PreK learning community. I am proud to be a part of our program that intentionally combines fun, personalization and learning. We begin our journey by partnering with families on encouraging healthy social and emotional skills for each child. When our students are able to make friends, be a friend, be independent and be kind to others their learning excels and they become a leader in our amazing community.

Children in our program transition into Kindergarten successfully because of the leadership focus and academic kick start. 

- Debbie Cordero, PreK Director



“One of the fastest-growing independent schools in the country.” - Association of Colorado Independent Schools.

“Top Scoring School” - AdvancED

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