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Emphasis is placed on contextual experiences and multiple problem solving perspectives to meet the child’s need to explore concepts in meaningful ways.

A Pre-Kindergarten student works on a symmetry activity in class.

  • Through a wide variety of hands-on opportunities, students investigate and develop their foundation skills, while being encouraged to share their reasoning and apply their knowledge to authentic applications.
  • By the end of Pre-Kindergarten, students have been introduced to and/or understand algebraic concepts with reasoning skills, data collection, measurement and geometric concepts, number sense, and computation skills.

Pre-Kindergarteners learn:

  • 1 to 1 correspondence
  • counting
  • patterning number order
  • comparing sets, measuring in all ways
  • sequencing simple number sets
  • story problems
  • space attributes - 2D, 3D, and symmetry
  • tallying and graphing
  • number order, greater than, less than, odd and even numbers, ordinal numbers to 10, estimating quantitites
  • money
  • skip counting
  • fractions: writing and ordering numbers through 20