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Middle School Science Students Performing an Experiment

Our academics, partnered with a focused leadership development sequence, prepare students for the most demanding secondary schools. Students thrive as they build lasting relationships with peers and teachers through small class sizes and a community focus. Aspen Academy intentionally and consistently cultivates:

  • Critical Thinking and Problem-Solving
  • Collaboration Across Networks
  • Agility and Adaptability
  • Initiative and Entrepreneurialism
  • Effective Oral and Written Communication
  • Accessing and Analyzing Information
  • Curiosity and Imagination 


I’m so excited to welcome our community members to the Middle School! Join us in the work of continuing to build on the amazing culture our students, families,
faculty, and staff have been cultivating. We’ve all chosen Aspen as our academic “home” and the rewards of our program and community are accessible
to any who are ready and willing to participate.

This year is particularly meaningful for me as I take on my new role of Interim Director of the Middle School. I’m anticipating an incredible year, with all the joys and challenges of any human endeavor. My optimism is buoyed by the incredible teaching team I now have the honor of supporting. Our middle school educators are professionals that combine subject matter and pedagogical expertise with experience gained from
instructing and guiding well over 10,000 students. While this alone is worth celebrating, more important is the deep and genuine care they have for students, each other, and for our extended community.

Though not alone in exhibiting and exemplifying the Aspen values, teachers are the primary models through which your student(s) and yourselves will experience the power of these precepts. Additionally, for new students, we expect that the classmates with
previous Aspen experience will bring you in from day one and help you recognize that Aspen is where you belong. But there is no need to wait to be invited. You are here and we’re eager for you to be involved. Aspen’s mission of edifying and inspiring our students,
parents, and educators to grow, learn, and lead is not
built for spectators.

Growth and learning are active processes and leadership starts inside each of us. I hope that you’ll help me continue to enhance the innovative and transformative educational experience Aspen is
envisioning. We are in this together! all as part of this journey.


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Kristina Scala presenting to Middle School parents.
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Back by popular demand for 2023-2024! Following your student's performance at AMP'd, spend time with other grade-level parents and our Lower School Team or Middle School Team, Director, Student Success Coach and School Counselor, learning about exciting aspects of the year for your student.

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