Since our founding in 2005, Aspen Academy has been a model and leader among the nation’s schools with its adoption of the highest-rated international mathematics curriculum coupled with in-depth investigative and contextual learning opportunities, which propel our students to their highest performance level in deductive and logical reasoning, mathematical algorithms and contextual problem-solving skills.

Aspen Academy students, on average, place in the top eight percent in the nation in national standardized testing. Each grade level’s aggregate performance places them two levels above their national peers in grade mean equivalent standards.

In our program, students gain the foundational knowledge in mathematics that reaches far beyond the traditional approach to the subject area, in which students complete a series of workbook exercises and then regurgitate the information for an assessment. Instead, students are immersed in an educational journey in which they believe that the solution is around the next corner, or the one after that, while they gather the knowledge to continue the hunt. Once students have demonstrated mastery of the content, they are presented challenges within that content area. These project-based, minds-on activities seek to move students from concrete and pictorial comprehension to abstract, experiential and project-based inquiry learning while cultivating their interests and ability levels. As students navigate through their individualized mathematics curriculum, they not only learn mathematics, but more importantly how mathematics is relevant and meaningful in the real world.