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Language Arts

The objective of the reading and language arts program is for Aspen Academy students to learn to read effectively with understanding, to develop their writing skills, and to think of themselves as authors and orators.

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Language Arts begins in Kindergarten with skill development in:

  • concepts of print and alphabet review
  • sequential books
  • nursery rhymes
  • fairy tales
  • holiday traditions, then and now
  • snowy authors, winter themes
  • morals and values
  • reading between the lines with rhyme and reason
  • plants, weather, Eric Carle
  • non fiction
  • amazing animals

1st Grade

First Grade:

  • learning about the world - nonfiction
  • study of characters in books
  • reading across genres
  • reading to comprehend
  • from scenes to series - realistic fiction
  • writing persuasive reviews
  • writing across genres
  • powerful thoughts and tiny packages through the study of poetry


Second Grade:

  • non fiction research
  • non fiction expository writing
  • tall tales and legends
  • writing tall tales with a twist
  • poetry
  • novel study - "Charlotte's Web"
  • opinion and persuasive writing
  • biographies
  • biographical writing
  • literature circles
  • writing about reading


Third Grade:

  • building a reading life
  • following characters into reading
  • fables
  • mystery books
  • series books
  • author study
  • writing about reading - summarizing author's craft
  • poetry and figurative language
  • raising the quality of narrative
  • realistic fiction/fantasy
  • opinion writing


Fourth Grade:

  • following characters into meaning
  • persona and persuasive essay
  • non fiction reading projects
  • information writing - nonfiction picture books
  • historical fiction reading and writing
  • interpretation text sets
  • social issues book clubs
  • poetry - way with words and images