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If not for life, then what are we learning for?

Aspen Academy looks at learning as a way to ignite the personal passions and interests of each and every student - whoever you are, whatever you love, or wherever you want to go.With a highly differentiated, individualized, and data driven approach, we are able to zone in on what each student uniquely needs with regard to their performance levels, personal interests, learning styles, and strengths. Students are held to high expectations and our core academic curriculum reflects a clear commitment to the essential building blocks of child development in language, mathematics, social studies, science, the arts, fitness, and character and leadership. From PreKindergarten through 8th Grade, we provide exceptional training in fundamental skills and analytical thinking, while encouraging independence of mind, intellectual curiosity, and creative growth.


It is with great honor and enthusiasm that I welcome you to our Lower School community! Success begins with an extraordinary foundation in the elementary years encompassing next-generation education, depth of personal character and leadership, and cultivating the entrepreneurial spirit that thoughts are things. Individuals are their most creative at the age of five years old and in the Lower School we harness that creative spirit and guide our students to pursue academic excellence with passion and intent.

The partnership that exists between our extraordinary staff, families, and students ensures that we are collectively rising to our core values to be kind, do good, work hard and make the world better. It is the driving force behind our successful community strength and service program. With an open heart, I welcome you to our family and encourage you to reach out for more information.




“Top Scoring School” - AdvancED

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“One of the fastest-growing independent schools in the country.” - Association of Colorado Independent Schools.




Singapore Math & Math Resources for Kindergarten Through 4th Grade
Dana Kohls

Aspen Academy focuses on selecting the best curricula in each subject area, and is committed to continuous improvement and re-evaluating each subject on a four year cycle. Learn more about Singapore Math and see highlighted resources from Lower School Director, Dana Kohls, in this blog. 

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Student with leader hat showing class jobs
Katie Becker

It has been nearly two years of our world’s experience of unprecedented intensity, change, adaptation, and a heightened sense of the difficulty that surrounds us. While we are so desperately clinging to hope and optimism in these challenging times, as parents, grandparents, and educators, it can be very difficult to practice ourselves, let alone model for our children. Learn more about the 10 Practices that serve as a beacon for leadership for students at Aspen Academy in this blog.

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Students from BSE at AMP'd
Jennifer Gravlee

A long celebrated tradition at Aspen Academy is our bi-weekly community wide showcase of student learning and leadership, known as AMP’d (Aspen Morning Program). It is a jam-packed thirty minute variety show, written, produced, and performed by our students. The energy of these mornings is contagious and instills a sense of student pride and belonging, making it a beloved aspect of our Aspen Academy programming. 

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laughing child in the grass
Dana Kohls

We're a couple weeks into school and it's only natural that young learners are realizing they are no longer in the "honeymoon" phase of back-to-school. This is their new regular routine and some behaviors may be showing up in your child that are natural and not an indication of whether or not they like school. You may have noticed your child is more likely to cry or share, “I don’t want to go to school. What's a parent to do?

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