Lower School


Topics and Skills
Reading: Concepts of Print & Letter Sounds, Nursery Rhymes, Author Study, Fairy Tales, Comprehension Strategies, Rhyming & Dr. Seuss, Informational Texts

Writing: Handwriting Introduction, Sight Words, Journal Prompts, Fairy Tales, Winter Stories (Sentence Structure), Letter-Writing, Rhyming & Poetry, Informational Writing

1st Grade

Topics and Skills
Reading: Building Good Reading Habits; Nonfiction; Readers Have Big Jobs to Do: Fluency, Phonics and Comprehension; Character Study: Poetry

Writing: Small Moment Narrative, Nonfiction, Persuasive, Writing Reviews, Fiction and Poetry

2nd Grade

Topics and Skills
Reading Growth Spurt, Nonfiction Super Powers, Tall Tales, Folktales and Legends, Novel Studies, Passionate About Poetry, Series Book Clubs, Biographies, Spring Independent Novel Studies

Writing: Narrative Writing, Informational Writing, Writing Tall Tales, Poetry, Biography Writing, Writing About Reading

3rd Grade

Topics and Skills
Reading: Narrative Novel Study, Mystery Genre Study, Informational Texts, Roald Dahl Novel Study, Character Studies, Research Clubs, Poetry

Writing: Small Moment Narratives, Mystery Writing, All About Informational Books, Fictional Writing, Persuasive Writing, Research Reports, Poetry

4th Grade

Topics and Skills
Reading: Historical Fiction Writing, Poetry, Personal and Persuasive Essays

Writing: Nonfiction Picture Books, Social Issues Book Clubs