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Middle School

Our innovation series is focused on the skillset within our STEAM Lab, moving students through a continuum of technology based skills that inspires comfort, confidence, and creativity with technology.

Innovation 5

A photo of Aspen Academy's technology class.

Students will become confident users of Word, Excel, Powerpoint, and Publisher, become comfortable building a simple webpage, and using cloud-based tools to collaborate, and demonstrate their ability to deliver products via cloud based tools (email, google drive, calendar, etc.).

Students will be shown how to create or access all products using their own personal device. Students will work to achieve typing skills to 30 wpm.

Innovation 6

A middle school student tests the programming of her robot on a course during her Technology class.Students will be introduced to leading edge technology topics with an emphasis on robotics, engineering, and logic-based programs. In this course, the students will Skype with experts to inspire new learnings with advanced technology.

At this level, emphasis will also be placed on social media issues as a critical teen education topic. Students will work to achieve typing to 35 wpm, and mastery of Microsoft Office (MS) products.

Innovation 7

A middle school student works on a computer in Technology class.Students will translate the mastery of skills from Innovation 5 and 6 into a Business Education Simulation as they learn skills to develop their own business. Course products include development of a business-quality web page, graphic design education as they construct marketing materials and use social media.

Students are also introduced to media and film editing for promotional purposes. Students will meet a minimum typing speed of 40 wpm, demonstrate mastery of Microsoft Office products.

Innovation 8

Aspen Academy's middle school students work on their iPads in class.

Students will extend upon their Business Education Simulation from Innovation 7 and begin a focus on coding and app development. They will deepen their skillset with film and media editing through a regularly produced broadcast.

Students will create a final business plan through their EPIC course and integrate their learnings through the final development of a webpage, marketing materials, social media accounts, and film segments to promote and share their business.