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Upper School

Broadway and Musical Theatre

This semester course is designed to explore study, analyze, and practice basic aspects of theatre through a variety of performances. Major emphases of the class are development of beginning acting skills, confidence,and stage presence through Broadway and Musical Theatre selections.


This semester course offers students the opportunity to participate in all phases of stagecraft activities. Course work may include the following: scenery construction, scene painting, stage lighting, stage make-up, sound, publicity, theatre organization management, and maintenance.

Improvisation and Acting Study

The Acting Study course extends development of acting skills and self-esteem. Course work may include the following: scene work, monologues, improvisation, play and character analysis, auditioning, basics of directing, advanced acting techniques and Shakespeare.

Technical Theatre

This semester course offers a mastery of and extension upon the skills taught in our Stagecraft course. It gives the technical theatre student the opportunity to participate in the phases of technical theatre. Course work may include the following: scene design, lighting design, sound design, costume design, make-up design, publicity, theatre organization, and management.

Students design stage makeup for their characters in Technical Theatre class.