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ELEVATE is Here for YOU!
Jessie Skipwith

Following the love, care and invitation for continued partnership during this week's Town Hall with Ms. Scala, we would like to reiterate some thoughtful considerations to all of our families as we continue to confront head on the variety of unknowns before us. The Mental Health and Wellness of our community remains a priority, and in this time of heightened stress and anxiety, we are here for you.

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How to Cope With Back to School Stress
Cindy Hewatt

This is a year of new challenges for students and families and can lead to an increase in stress for both. An important thing for parents to remember is that our kids are often mini mirrors of ourselves. If we become stressed and anxious we can pass this on to our kids.  So first and foremost, our primary job as a parent is to be aware of and to cope, as best we can, with our own stress. Read on for 12 strategies for managing stress as caregivers.

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September is Suicide Prevention Awareness Month
Jessie Skipwith

School is underway and in full swing! Certainly emotions are high.Yes, excitement, wonder and joy are abundant! At the same time, nerves, stress and anxiety are also at heightened levels. Suicide Prevention Awareness Month is a time when professionals in schools and the mental health community recognize the importance of providing information and support in identifying appropriate signs and symptoms for students at risk. Read on for more...

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