Elevate Student Support Services

Each student shows up, learns, and navigates through the world differently.
  Every student is capable of growth.

ELEVATE provides coaching, intervention, and professional development to support our teachers, parents, and students in achieving their full potential along the academic and social emotional continuum.

We operate on the fundamental belief that through an intentional, student-centered, strength based approach, we can create a paradigm shift in the way we support and empower each and every learner within our community.

Aspen Academy’s ELEVATE program takes a three-tiered approach. By doing so, we honor, cultivate, and celebrate strengths in all learners. Services include:

Speech, Hearing and Vision Screenings at Aspen Academy 

Research tells us that early intervention is best when it comes to understanding possible challenges that a student might be facing.  While screening does not provide a diagnosis, it can increase understanding and highlight areas of vulnerability for children in the global areas of language, reading, hearing, vision, executive functions, social interaction skills, problem solving, and physical movement.  Screening provides families with the tools to "dig a bit deeper" as they work with the school to develop a global understanding of their child. Furthermore, common language and an increased peace of mind is created.  Collaboration between the home and school helps each child strive for and be proud of their unique efforts and "personal bests." 

Feedback from screenings can facilitate understanding possible challenges that a student is experiencing.  While screening does not provide a diagnosis, it can provide a focus for more in-depth evaluation that can guide needed intervention and other supports.  Screening provides families tools to dig a bit deeper as they work with the school to support their child’s success.  Having a common language based on feedback from a screening enhances communication between home and school, fosters effective collaboration and improves understanding of a child’s needs.

Aspen Academy is committed to supporting a families' role in ensuring positive, individualized developmental outcomes for all children within this community. We are proud to offer these screening opportunities each year.   Knowledge is power for our teachers, families and children. Thank you.

Thank you for your interest in this wonderful opportunity and please reach out directly to Jessie Skipwith with any questions you may have, and Compass Developmental Consultants is also available to answer any questions you might have directly via the contact information below.

Cost: $100 
When: By appointment August 15 to September 15
Offsite COVID responsive assessments will be facilitated





Aspen Academy is committed to the expansion of services to enrich all learners in our community:

  • Providing Attention Deficit/Hyperactivity screenings
  • Offering Speech, Occupational Therapy, and Hearing screenings
  • Onsite Tutoring Available Student (Additional fee required)
  • Expanded Enrichment services


Jessie Skipwith

Director of Elevate & Diversity, Equity and Inclusion, Student Success Coach, Licensed School Counselor
M.Ed., Counselor Education, University of New Orleans
B.A., Justice, American University

Megan McKnight

Learning Specialist
BA, Elementary Education, University of Arizona


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