ELEVATE Student Support Services

Each student shows up, learns, and navigates through the world differently.  Every student is capable of growth.

ELEVATE provides coaching, intervention, and professional development to support our teachers, parents, and students in achieving their full potential along the academic and social emotional continuum.

We operate on the fundamental belief that through an intentional, student-centered, strength based approach, we can create a paradigm shift in the way we support and empower each and every learner within our community.

Aspen Academy’s ELEVATE program takes a three-tiered approach. By doing so, we honor, cultivate, and celebrate strengths in all learners. Services include:

Tier 1 (Universal)

Elevate’s primary role is to support and enrich the knowledge of teachers, as they have the primary and most consistent contact with students. All core instruction also includes the following:

  • A Personalized Instruction Profile (PIP) for each student
  • High quality research-based curriculum to all students
  • Differentiated instruction through flexible small groups and learning methods 
  • Consistent and regular progress monitoring of student progress against grade level benchmarks
  • Integration of technology as a means of reaching all varying learning styles and interests


TIER 2 (Targeted)

Elevate offers necessary supports and intervention to students with a higher level of need, with the emphasis of early intervention. Targeted instruction also includes the following supports:

  • Small group, evidence-based targeted intervention
  • Personalized accommodations implemented both in class and in small group sessions
  • Consistent progress monitoring to reach academic, social emotional and behavioral goals
  • Support in and out of the classroom from our Learning Specialist, School Psychologist, and/or Student Success Coach.

Tier 3 (Intensive)

Students who qualify for intensive support are connected with industry specialists who can provide individualized and intensive 1:1 intervention, including:

  • Partnership with academic and developmental specialists to provide 1:1 support during school hours*
  • Consistent progress monitoring to meet established academic, social emotional or behavior goals
  • Accommodation Plan for students with a diagnosed academic, social emotional or behavior need

*Psycho-educational evaluations required for Tier 3 level of support. Additional tuition or fees may apply.

Aspen Academy is committed to the expansion of services to enrich all learners in our community:

  • Providing Attention Deficit/Hyperactivity screenings
  • Offering Speech, Occupational Therapy, and Hearing screenings
  • Onsite Tutoring Available Student (Additional fee required)
  • Expanded Enrichment services

Jessie Skipwith

Student Success Coach
M.Ed., Counselor Education, University of New Orleans
B.A., Justice, American University

Megan McKnight

Learning Specialist
BA, Elementary Education, University of Arizona


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Jessie Skipwith

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Jessie Skipwith

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