World Languages

Spanish is the primary learned language in our Language Learning essentials classes. Our younger students learn through TPRS and our language lab program. Our older students will receive continued enrichment and lessons for growth and fluency. Aspen is able to bridge the learning gap by providing each student continued access to their own language lab account; this means you can learn at home, in the car or wherever you want! Our program continues to grow and is quickly becoming a national model through language lab learning.


We utilize Foundations K-12 program allowing students to be in charge of and monitor the progress of their learning. They are able to advance at their own pace, set goals and still work as a whole group to learn new content.

-Middle school Spanish now incorporates 5 levels of difficulty. As the student population grows and advances, classes are scaffolded to accommodate the growth and needs of students.

-GLIMPSE (Global Language Introduction to Language, Music, Perspectives and Society through Ethnomusicology

Aspen Academy Language Learning Program has created a one and only opportunity that introduces students to language, music, perspectives and societies through ethnomusicology is sure to be the beginning of an adventure. Is your student interested in learning a language other than Spanish? Is your child studying or would love to study culture and perspective through music, geography and societal perspective and language learning then, we have the space for them in our language learning program.

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Karen Skadow

Spanish Instructor

Karen holds a Bachelors Degree in Elementary Education and Spanish from Monmouth College in Illinois. Upon graduation, she moved to Venezuela for two years where she taught Spanish to college students and participated in outreach activities throughout the community. She has taught Spanish in multiple schools and programs throughout the world.

Owen Carpino

Spanish Instructor

Owen Carpino joins Aspen Academy after teaching and coaching for four years at the Pingree School outside of Boston, MA. During his time at Pingree, Owen taught Spanish and served as the Assistant Coach of the Varsity Ice Hockey program. In addition, he coached soccer, lacrosse, and sailing. A graduate of Norwich University in Vermont, he earned a B.A. in both English and Spanish. As a member of the men's ice hockey program at Norwich, he was part of a team able to win four consecutive ECAC East Championships, play in four consecutive NCAA Final Fours, and win a NCAA DIII National Championship. Owen fell in love with Aspen because of its commitment to kindness, student growth, and leadership. He is so grateful to be joining such a wonderful community.