Our lower school students learn the importance of teamwork, being active, heart health, and having fun. Sportsmanship through sports is encouraged.

Competitive sports like volleyball, cross country and basketball are offered in the athletic department for grades 5-8. Sports like ultimate frisbee, lacrosse, and golf are offered as well.

Strength and Flexibility

Our Strength and Flexibility course provides an opportunity to focus on and strengthen core muscles and body stability. Exercises, games and balance drills train core muscle groups for bodily wellness. Stretching and flexibility are incorporated daily to improve muscle health and performance.

Speed and Agility

Our Speed and Agility course provides exercise and training for students interested in improving their overall athletic mobility and performance. Students can expect to have fun while keeping their heart rate active! The course provides a focus on running endurance and technique, plyometric movements, and cardio health through sport and movement.

Zach Couchman

Fitness Instructor, Student Leadership & Entrepreneurship Coach

Zach Couchman has been a physical education teacher for the last 13 years, working with mostly K-8 students. He is very excited to join the team at Aspen to help our sports programs grow and succeed. In his free time, Mr. Couchman enjoys skiing, playing tennis, running and cheering on the Broncos!