Here at Aspen Academy, we are committed to making our students healthy and active individuals. Students will understand the importance of proper nutrition and hydration after completing a fitness course at Aspen Academy. The goal of our fitness program is to have each student:
  1. Feel comfortable participating in new sports and physical activities.

  2. Promote their healthy lifestyle to families and friends.

  3. Show cooperation throughout competition.  

  4. Develop a lifelong interest in physical activity and sports.

  5. Participate in an organized sports team, here at Aspen Academy.

    kids playing outside

5th-8th Grade Students Can Participate in Competitive Sports Including:

Volleyball, Basketball and Cross Country Running.  We look forward to adding lacrosse, soccer and ultimate frisbee to our program this year. 

Zach Couchman

Fitness Instructor, Student Leadership & Entrepreneurship Coach

Zach Couchman has been a physical education teacher for the last 13 years, working with mostly K-8 students. He is very excited to join the team at Aspen to help our sports programs grow and succeed. In his free time, Mr. Couchman enjoys skiing, playing tennis, running and cheering on the Broncos!