Creative Movement

At Aspen we have created a national model dance program. Our lead instructor teaches not only dance, but leadership, integrity, discipline and fun. Your student, no matter what their age, will experience dance through an alternative lens. Dancers will excel, non-dancers will enjoy and all students will collaborate for optimal team performances. Come and take a look, this class is nothing short of amazing.


  • To instill confidence and build character.
  • Encourage freedom of expression in the performing arts.
  • Integrate whole body learning by providing students with a physical, creative space.
  • Artistic expression is emphasized
  • Each student is encouraged to discover his/her individual artistry.
  • Concepts - body awareness and control, physical strength involving coordination, strength, flexibility, posture, endurance and stamina.
  • Students learn technical dance routines and learn the style, story and character of the pieces.
  • Students have the opportunity to discover their creative dancer in fun and healthy avenues.

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Shawna Riggio

Dance Instructor

Shawna has danced professionally for many years from Los Angeles to the Caribbean to Europe. She deeply values and treasures the relationships cultivated in her dance studio at Aspen. She is impassioned with all things RAWK, the dance studio she owns in Denver--a place where dancers are encouraged to be authentically raw and unveil their artistic voice.