Lunch Program

Meal preparation is almost a full time job itself. Between the grocery shopping, cooking, and kitchen cleanup, hours of your day are directed towards only a few minutes of relaxing, enjoyable family meal time. Grateful Plate gives that time back to you to use how you want. Play a game, watch a movie, run around at the park.

Grateful Plate delivers fresh, healthy meals to families and schools throughout Denver.

How To Participate



Please log on to and select LOGIN. Follow prompts to set up your child(ren) for the lunch program.

Follow the prompts for creating a login. Our school code is ASPN. Please make sure your child's grade is correct.

Once you have created an account, added profiles, you will then be able to order, see the menu and prices.

If you already have a Wholesome Tummies account, please do not create a Grateful Plate account.


You must create a profile for every child that needs a meal.

Click Add New to add a new profile. Enter in your child's name, abbreviation, school, grade, preferred meal size and preferred color. The abbreviation will be used when selecting meals. The color will be used to mark meals chosen for this child.

If you have more than one child in the school this will help to quickly see which child is getting which meals.

Lunch Pricing

  • Lunch prices are: Small: $4.75 and Large: $5.75

Order Meals

If you want to change a size or do two meals for a day, please click on the + sign and it will pop up a window that will allow you to do that.

If you are in a bind and need a lunch for the next day due to the cut off time of 36 hours, please email by 7:45am and a lunch will be provided for your child and your account charged. Lunches are $4.75 for a small and $5.75 for a large.

Check Out

Click on the ORDER SCHOOL LUNCH button to start ordering.

Click on the students name to select that meal option for that student on that day. Browse through the days and meals to make all selections. You can order for multiple students at the same time. Click the plus + for more information on the meal and to change quantities.

Click Checkout when you are finished.


After logging in you will be at your dashboard. From your dashboard you can edit your customer details, add a new school to your account, add and edit your child's information.

Receive Email Confirmation

You receive a confirmation with each transaction, if you do not get this, then an error has occurred with your order.

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