Employment Opportunities at Aspen Academy

Teacher engaged in conversation with students.

We believe education is on the verge of looking very different, and we're looking for inspired leaders who are willing to be a part of the change.


  • Inspired by entrepreneurial spirit: In 2005, Aspen Academy was founded by three women who had attended public schools, and wanted to give children an opportunity to learn and grow by focusing not only on what they know, but who they are -- kindness is our one rule.
  • Driven by values: Be Kind. Do Good. Work Hard. Make the World Better. Our community thrives with people committed to these values and we're serious about making the world better: one student at a time. We've developed an inclusive and accepting community where our staff and faculty feel empowered to create learning that engages students emotionally and intellectually. Our team takes risks and embraces the growth mindset, celebrates diverse backgrounds and perspectives and is committed to social responsibility.
  • Focused on growth and transforming what education looks like: In addition to our focus on character development and leadership, we created a first-of-its-kind financial literacy and entrepreneurship program taught from Kindergarten through 8th grade that includes: economics, personal financial literacy, innovation, and entrepreneurship. (Imagine the difference it makes when students learn about their strengths, how to collaborate with others, and the basics of personal finance in kindergarten?)


Aspen Academy is dedicated to providing equal employment opportunities to all personnel and applicants for without regard to race, color, religion, sex, national origin, handicap or disability, sexual orientation, or status as a veteran, Vietnam era, or special disabled veteran.




The best people see their careers as more than just salary and benefits. They care about the overall experience they're going to have while working each day. They want the opportunities for growth and development that can only be fostered in a growth-oriented work environment. Great employees want to become smarter and more productive in their careers.

At Aspen Academy, we want to discover the vision each of our employees have and work to blaze a path for them. As such we invest in each of our employees’ professional development.

  • Daily - Coaching and feedback
  • Weekly - Staff Development Training
  • Monthly - ½ day of Professional Development
  • Annually - $500 (or $1,000 every other year) is provided to each employee to pursue his or her professional goals.


We believe that our success relies on the recruitment and retention of quality professional staff members. The Aspen Academy Induction Program is a structured training program for all newly-hired teachers that helps new employees understand our mission, philosophy and goals, curriculum, instructional methodologies, character and leadership program and our community strength and service.

This program is designed to build a sense of culture and to articulate our mission and philosophy and is not merely an orientation to the school's organizational pattern, but a framework of our vision for student learning and success.


Aspen Academy is always looking for great, mission-fit teachers.

"As a new teacher at Aspen I'm still in shock this amazing school exists. The staff, families and children all took me in immediately. The amount of kindness and support we are shown is indescribable. Aspen truly cares about all scholars and their future. I am so thankful to have found my home."

-Jennifer Gravlee (2nd Grade Instructor, Leadership Coach)

Science teacher with students, heating elements over a burner.


  • To provide understanding of the Aspen Academy culture and philosophy
  • To effectively master curriculum and content of each domain
  • To implement effective instructional methodologies and enhance individual professional skills
  • To develop and enhance professional leadership skills within the character and leadership program
  • To create a sensitivity and understanding of the unique community we serve
  • To emphasize that teaching is a reflection of lifelong learning and professional growth
  • To provide a collaborative supportive network for each staff member that encourages unity of teamwork among administration, teachers, support staff and community members
  • To increase retention of high quality educators

The Aspen Academy Induction Program is the transmission of the school and community culture and expectations. This program is designed to build a sense of culture and to articulate our mission and philosophy. Induction is a structured training program for all teachers new to the school or teaching profession which instructs and models “the way it is done” at Aspen Academy.