A Day in the Life of an Aspen Academy Student


The early years at Aspen Academy are foundational and begin our lifelong commitment to each learner. This stage of our journey together will support and emphasize our core values; be kind, work hard, do good and make the world better. We partner with early learners and their families to build confidence, capabilities, skills and creativity within a safe and rich environment that values all students. Our Pre-K classrooms are full of wonder, art, social opportunities, and provide countless opportunities for academic growth.

Our Pre-K teaching team is highly educated in developmentally appropriate practices, and they are not only skilled at applying these practices, but also have a true passion for teaching our young learners.

Kindergarten to 4th Grade

“Why?” A child’s favorite question. Learning has the most impact when it is within a real context. In our multi-sensory, kinesthetic classrooms, our exceptional and talented teachers intentionally integrate our curriculum with STEAM (science, technology, engineering, art, math), character-building, leadership development and the principles of entrepreneurship. Students learn the goal for each lesson and use these goals as a guide for demonstrating content proficiency and for exceptional learning to take root. When students take ownership of their learning, they can answer the why. As our students see why they are doing what they are doing, and how it relates to their world and their future, they gain confidence, demonstrate kindness and develop as leaders.

5th Grade to 8th Grade

Step foot into one of our middle school classrooms and you will see our highly trained and committed teachers facilitating a dynamic and engaging learning environment, promoting high levels of integration with hands-on, project-based lessons. Students simulate events from history, experiment with the world around them, and connect their reading or math content in a real-world context. In our kinesthetic classrooms, spaces move with the students and the academic content, enabling students to move and discover. Rather than following the trend of removing hands-on learning experiences from the classroom and replacing them with more tests, we prefer to see what happens when students feel truly seen and known, assured that they belong, and that they can uniquely contribute their gifts in the community. It is then that the greatest academic and leadership strides are made.


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